Business Breakfast Ft. Airbnb, Enterpunt, The Brave Cartel

We had the pleasure of hosting talented and pioneering companies this morning at our bi-weekly business breakfast. Below are some ‘tidbits’ from the talk featuring each company and some cool links they shared.

Robert from Enterpunt

Robert started out by sharing an inspirational message from Madiba on the power of sport. He proceeded to talk about some of his experiences that lead to Enterpunt and what it wants to achieve. One thing we really took away from Robert is how passionate he is to use sport to invest into communities and the millennial generation!

Orianne from Airbnb

Orianne filled us in on the story behind Airbnb’s humble beginnings. It was fun for a lot of us to learn how the Airbnb story started in late 2007 with three friends offering a couple of air mattresses to guests who weren’t able to find accommodation for the local Industrial Design Conference in San Francisco.

The focus of Orianne’s talk was more around one of the latest features presented by Airbnb – local Experiences. This video talks about Airbnb local experiences. Below are some highlights from Orianne’s talk:

  • All about quality
  • Standards & requirements for Hosts:
    • Empathetic
    • Genuine
    • Credible
  • Standards & requirements for Experiences:
    • Access – Can’t find their own
    • Participation – People shouldn’t sit and be bored
    • Perspective – Should have the personal perspective of the host & experience’s culture
    • A business licence is required in South Africa to host an experience
  •  Making a positive impact in the rural areas by making them part of the platform (social impact experiences)

Orianne also invited members of Work & Co to get involved with experiences and to share the opportunity of becoming an Experiences host with their friends.

Yolande from The Brave Cartel

Yolande left a powerful legacy in the world of advertising to pursue her next adventure in the cousin world of branded video content. This has resulted in The Brave Cartel production company – a place where concept is king. Yolande shared some insights from her experiences with ‘Branded Content’, and some great examples of branded video content to get you fired up! See the highlights and video links below.

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