Shared Workspace; A New Way to Work

More and more companies are veering away from the conventional corner office model and instead opting for the shared workspace experience.

Businesses have also begun seeing how a more relaxed work environment with an emphasis on enjoyment, connection, and collaboration benefits their employees and their business.

The options are no longer limited to working from home or a traditional office, but to work in a shared workspace created and curated specifically to enhance business growth and aid in various stages of development.

Why would you consider a shared workspace in the first place?

As SMEs grow, there are more freelancers, remote workers, self-employed entrepreneurs and independent professionals than ever before. This means that there is a higher demand for a space and setting where productivity and efficiency are key.

Keep costs low

Whether in the startup or well-established phase, one of the first aspects first time shared workspace newbies will find to be a major difference is the amount of money needed just to operate.

Without the need for signing long term lease agreements and having to fork over a deposit, a startup is able to keep costs low by hiring a desk and having the flexibility to choose and adjust memberships depending on their needs.

Similarly, a more established business has the advantage of providing their employees with a comfortable and vibrant work environment which promotes creativity and job satisfaction.

Getting to know your neighbours

The old watercooler chat gets an upgrade, as many collaborations are born out of networking and conversations which organically occur when you house a variety of industries, skill sets and experience in one shared workspace.

The chances of the person you are conversing with over your morning coffee being able to add value to your projects in the future are huge and when you consider the fact that 75% of employers rate collaboration and teamwork as “very important”, this is not something that should be overlooked

An antidote to isolation

Working from home might be the dream but working day after day from the same place you use to relax in might not always be the best combination for productivity and creativity.
Coupled with the reality that it takes an average of 11 minutes to refocus the mind once distracted it is too easy to take a nap or just watch one quick Netflix episode.

Working from a shared workspace assists in having a routine which separates you from the spaces you have chosen to relax and unwind in.

Creatively speaking there can be something very draining about working by yourself for hours on end without any interpersonal contact. Making connections, bouncing ideas off of others, having sounding boards and mentors or having lunch with a great colleague are some of the real reasons why employees stay in their companies.

There are multiple advantages to working from a shared workspace, all of which can benefit any business, and with the statistics showing that by the year 2020 there will be an estimated 3.8 million shared workspaces worldwide, it’s no wonder many companies are changing the norm and finding new ways to work.

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