Co-working spaces are the new cool

Cool, comfortable & productive

Working as a freelancer, solo operator or entrepreneur from the comfort of a coffee shop or your lounge used to be considered cool. The reasons were many; you worked for yourself, you could work in your underwear – or naked if you like – play your opera at full volume, and no one ever complained about the fish you ate for lunch. All good reasons, but over the years this has changed dramatically, as more freelancers and small businesses are discovering the benefits of co-working offices spaces. Why have these working spaces suddenly become the new cool? We take a look.



Reason number one! You are not alone. While co-working spaces appeal to freelancers, they are also great for small businesses and international companies that require an appropriate short term satellite office. What this means is that at any one time there is a collection of people or companies sharing a communal office space, creating a community of likeminded individuals. This removes the isolation of working alone, creating a creative, collaborative working space, and opening up opportunities for joint ventures.

Cool locations, views and office space

People aside, today’s co working spaces are far from the caves and cheap offices used to house this kind of collective in days gone by. Today, co-working spaces are beautifully designed, modern and well located. These are friendly spaces designed for networking and meeting your fellow co-office dwellers. A place where you can host a meeting in a fully-equipped boardroom or chat over a cup of coffee.

It’s fun

If you can do the same amount of work but have more fun; chances are that you will be happier and more productive. Chatting to your fellow co-workers, getting involved in exciting projects, and an active social environment, makes co-working far more interactive than working in your pj’s at home.


You get to enjoy all the perks of a busy office while remaining completely independent. Once you’ve paid for your space, you have the flexibility and freedom to use it how and when you want.

Skill exchange

When you have a wide variety of people working together with different talents, the opportunity to learn new skills is huge. For e.g. copywriters and designers, SEO specialists and PPC experts etc. will collaborate on a project allowing each other to learn more about the other’s special talents.

Travel and work

The coolest aspect of co-working office spaces is that you can find one in most major cities around the world. So if working and travelling is your thing, these spaces offer you an ideal environment to meet locals and foreigners, making it an excellent introduction to any city, for both work and social reasons.

Enjoy the benefits of working alone while still maintaining your independence and flexibility by working in an office with professionals, with whom you can drink a cup of coffee during the day, enjoy a cold one as the sun goes down, or collaborate on the next big thing.

Take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level by putting yourself in the middle of the action. Contact Work & Co today and find out more about what this co-working office space can do for your career and social life.

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