Didi’s Bitchin Burritos at Work & Co

Thank you to Didi’s Bitchin Burritos for treating Work & Co members to some deliciously spicy Mexican food!

Here is the story of how Work & Co members were able to enjoy the great Mexican food options that Did’s offered:

The story of Didi’s begins in 1978, with the manufacture of Gypsy Rose, or “Rosie,” as we affectionately refer to her. Rosie is a 1978 Volkswagen AutoVilla, that we sourced in George and drove to Cape Town through the Klein Karoo on a glorious spring day in 2013.

Inspired by our love of Authentic Mexican food flavours sampled abroad, Rosie was converted into a full service, mobile kitchen and serving station, specialising in Bitchin’ Afri-Mex Burritos.

We serve tasty, quick and wholesome Mexican food in Cape Town through a variety of dishes, including (but certainly not limited to) our signature Bitchin’ Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Tacos, Salads and a whole lot more.

Since our humble beginnings, the food truck has expanded into a multi-faceted mobile catering business. During the week you can find us, and our Bitchin Burritos from Mon-Fri at Salt Circle Arcade in Woodstock. Best of all? We offer a delivery service for offices in the area too and you can even find us on OrderIn, should that be your kind of thing!

(Excerpt from Didi’s Mexican Website)

If you missed this treat of a day at Work & Co, here is a little highlight reel of the Mexican bonanza!


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