Introduction to Work & Co

Cape Town has firmly established itself as Africa’s new tech hub. While Johannesburg might still be South Africa’s business capital, more and more people, both from here and abroad, are choosing Cape Town as the perfect lifestyle and business destination. This creates work and business opportunities, and the demand for a high-end working space is increasing daily.Welcome to Work and Co

When we conceptualised Work & Co, we envisioned a beautiful and functional office space that will inspire and connect people. We wanted a space where people could work in comfort and style, but also an area where people could network and meet like-minded people. We want this to be a creative, inspirational space, where great ideas are born, partnerships established and new businesses formed.

“We might be in a beautiful building in a beautiful city, but ultimately, we are about people. We have created a space for people to create.” Julien Verspleren, founder.

The Location

Step into Work & Co’s premises in Touchstone House, corner Mechau and Bree Streets, and you’ll immediately feel like you’ve arrived. You’re not sure where exactly, but it’s a space and location that is designed to inspire. There’s the panoramic views of the Cape Town City Bowl, this bustling little City at the bottom of the African Continent. Of course there’s also the awe-inspiring views of Table Mountain, which seems to define and dominate the city in a motherly kind of way.Turn around and you’re looking over Cape Town’s harbour, with its mixture of ocean liners, fishing boats and recreational yachts.

In addition, being situated in Cape Town’s unofficial ‘financial precinct’, across the road from Cape Town’s tallest building, Portside, also helps. Not to mention Bree Street’s vibey social scene, the street having taken over the title as the inner city’s food and fun street, with numerous options for eating, drinking and shopping.

The Interior

When you’ve stopped looking at the views, you’ll start taking in the interior space, bathed in natural light, and offering comfort and functionality in equal measure. The area contains private offices that can accommodate 1 to 15 people, making it ideal for small teams to work in, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. There is also a large shared office space, a spacious hot desk area and three meeting rooms. These are all complemented by the roomy common areas, including bars and kitchens. The interior is comfortable and well designed, with comfy couches, book cases, and funky, vibrant art and wall décor completing the look.

The interior is designed to make it pleasant to work in, but also to be a fun and network-friendly space for coffee breaks or after-work drinks.

The Tech

There is no point in having a beautiful body if there is no engine. Luckily, we understand the importance of high-speed internet and we have designed the place accordingly. We provide an ultra-high-speed and reliable optic fibre internet, which is suitable for all no matter what your internet demands are. We also offer IT support, IP phones and full security using fingerprint readers and CCTV. In addition, there are fully equipped meeting rooms with large screens, Apple TV, and conference call facilities.

The Connector

Work & Co is the brainchild of Julien Verspleren, a French businessman who moved to Cape Town in 2014, after selling his thriving recruitment business in France. As a successful entrepreneur, Julien has taken his vison of what kind of office space an entrepreneur, business person or creative freelancer might enjoy and this is the result. Says Julien, “We wanted to create an inspiring physical and digital platform to connect people and help them grow their businesses in a unique, innovative space.”

Mission accomplished!

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