Mak1one Collab

At the end of  whole creation process of the space which would house Work & Co – we were hobby but we knew there was something els we wanted, almost missed. Julien has a friend, who in some way knew Max, he brought him to Work & Co and the very next day,  after not a lot of discussion, it was decided – we gave our lounge wall to the Cape Town legend Mak1one.

We had a lot of ideas  – what we wanted the wall to say to the members, what we wanted it to bring to the space and and and…None of this was neccisary , Max is such a creative spirit and knows exactly what he is doing. After a brief chat about what we stand for here at Work & Co and what we believe we will create in the space, it was all that had to be said.

He arrived, chilled as ever, on the Friday morning, spray cans in hand and ready for the wall.I was as excited as a kid in a candy shop, it was so hard to not stare and gush. It was a great experience having Max in our space for the day. I never realized how much effort, time and talent goes into creating a grafiti wall or that some of the paints smell like their names… We had a lot of great discussions, laughs and after about ten hours – our whole space was transformed into something els, something quite special. We were mesmerized by the process and, I can speak for all involved, an experience that will not be forgotten.

Lets look at the man behind the spray can for a bit – this is how Max tells his story.

“Being born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town in the 1970s meant (and for many, still means) living a life where putting food on the table was a daily battle, poverty was rife and choices were limited. Discovering the expressive medium of graffiti art in the late 1980’s was a liberating and pivotal moment for me. It empowered me to express who I was and what I was thinking.

The beauty of the art form is that it cuts across all boundaries – be they racial, financial, language or educational. All you need is a can, a surface and time to paint. This makes the art form an incredibly powerful one that has been used globally to engage with and speak on behalf of disenfranchised communities for decades.

My first-hand appreciation of the value of this art form as a tool to empower disadvantaged communities and individuals – in particular youth – has led me to use my work to inspire others to pursue their dreams and talents. The power of graffiti art to inform and challenge is harnessed in much of my work to bring social, educational and uplifting messages to those living in areas plagued by poverty and social injustice who often have limited access to information.

In addition to my own work on murals, I hold workshops at schools and work with partners whenever possible to access communities where graffiti art will have a positive impact.”

I have a refreshed appriciation for graffiti artists, the process of creating and especially for Max. We can’t wait to find another wall to unleash him on.

You can contact him on info@mak1one.com, check him out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Mak1one/?fref=ts

We got our friend Guy with Camera to capture the process, have a look.

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