Marketing Tips & Tricks

Marketing Tips & Tricks

We are living in a digital world where you can either climb the ranks or get drowned out by the thousands doing it better than you. It all comes down to standing out.

It’s difficult to master all the elements involved in successful marketing, especially for startups who lack the financial backing to hire in professionals or invest in the necessary marketing tools. Marketing remains a fundamental factor to business success. No matter how impressive or capable your product/service might be, if nobody knows about you, nobody knows about you.

Here are our tips and tricks to successful marketing!

Sell the benefit, not a comparison.

I am sure you have heard this one before; highlight your differences.
Focus on what you have to offer and what makes you, your product or service unique. Each client or customer has their own specific needs that are looking to be met. Each consumer has their own motivation and your job is to find out what that is and deliver it.

Pay attention to your customer.

The best data you could ever collate is your customer feedback. Their words give you valuable information such as what you are doing well, what is lacking and what can be improved upon.

Market your product before it’s ready.

Any good marketing campaign takes advantage of time. Before launching a product or service take the time to show it to the world in its many facets. Develop a strategy revealing aspects of what you are offering and by doing this you will be able to generate interest from your potential consumers over time.

Prioritise Authenticity & Know your values

Knowing your company values and having a guideline that you stick to will come in handy when times are tough and your flexibility is tested. Developing an authentic company culture will also ensure that you attract “the right” customer.

Give customers a place to talk to/about you.

People often disregard their customer care efforts once their business is considered ‘successful’ but it takes only one bad review to ruin your name. Always remain engaged with your customers and give them a platform to give you feedback. How can you improve if you don’t know what is wrong? And just like mom and dad always said, there is always room for improvement.

Reward loyalty or interest & build partnerships

Incentive programs are successful for many reasons. If someone enjoys your service/product, they will support you anyway because you are offering whatever it is that they want, but give them a reason to support your already loved offering and your product/service just becomes a bonus! Building a partnership with companies that your customers love and will get value from will also draw in interest.

Embrace Paid Social

Some startups have this idea that your social media accounts need to be 100% organic, 100% all loved, really truly loved, all the time, all day every day. But the truth is paid social promotions are more about reaching new potential clients, faster. Don’t be mistaken though, organic traction is the goal.

Focus On Your Content

Ever heard of photographers saying “You are only as good as your worst photograph”, in this case, it would be “your content is only as successful as your most failed campaign”.

Using social media is a fantastic way to showcase your offerings to the world. Nowadays consumers will check your website and social media and make up their minds from there whether or not they want to purchase your product or support your business . What message are you conveying with your content? What are you letting your consumers know about you? Are you solving a problem they are having that would make them want to get in touch?

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