The Mobile Office

The Mobile Office

Work & Co’s innovative take on what an office can (or should) be…

A few years ago, the word ‘office’ might have triggered a slight gag, but today the entire working world has changed and phrases like ‘digital nomad’ and ‘mobile office’ actually exist.

No matter how dedicated you might be to your job, or how passionate, the truth is nobody likes the idea of being trapped inside a dreary office every week, this was the exact driving force behind our mobile office pod.

Why would anyone need a mobile office you might ask? Here’s why. It’s an opportunity to rediscover your passion. It’s an escape. It’s an innovative change and alternative space for anything you need. Designed to inspire thought, the mobile office pod is a creative, tranquil, stylish and productive space to get things done.

If you’re a digital nomad then NOVA is definitely going to be the most rewarding work environment for you because you can park this little workspace haven wherever you want to. With 5 pre-determined working locations (West Coast, Signal Hill, Mouille Point, Coastal Road & CBD) you are bound to really see Cape Town in all it’s beauty. We also encourage people to create their own mobile office experiences.

Fully equipped with all the office essentials and more, NOVA makes for a seamless work experience and promises to help you meet those deadlines. With Wifi, electricity, coffee machine, printer, smart TV, Apple TV and Bathroom facilities – this mobile office pod is truly one of a kind.

The design elements and aspects of this mobile office are largely adapted from our shared workspace in Bree Street, Cape Town. A feature wall covered in a beautifully vibrant wallpaper, sleek ceiling lights, a marble table that comfortably seats 6, emerald blue velvet seater with a mix-match array of patterned cushions, an office has never quite existed like this before…

The booking process is simple. All you need to do is contact Work & Co, request your desired dates and your payment is your booking confirmation. NOVA is available to book for a half or full day.

Get in touch and see what NOVA can do for you.

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