The U-turn

Where commitment, calculation and a cause intersect

The lights go out, your fridge is empty, and your debts have soared to an all-time high. Sound familiar? This kind of situation isn’t difficult to imagine, with many of us having experienced it. This includes Tim Seidler; the difference is he turned his situation around and achieved amazing results.Creator of Get Niche Quick, the definitive online guide to internet marketing success and crafter of a booming online empire.

U Turn - The Tim Seidler story

Tim Seidler has had an extraordinary journey. It started with Tim having his utilities turned off and his credit cards cancelled because he couldn’t pay the bills. Despite being in what seemed like a hopeless situation, Tim built an internet marketing business that now regularly churns out websites worth six figures. He enjoys the benefits of an impressive income that continues to accumulate effortlessly. Now he has ample time to spend with his wife and two kids. Today, Tim is an internet marketing specialist; he has mastered the work-life balance, carving out a comfortable life for him and his family through entrepreneurship and hard work.

The Tim Seidler story

Tim Seidler, used to work an 8 to 5 job and earn a modest salary. However, it didn’t allow him to spend time with his family. In fact, necessities like health care and even getting his oil changed felt like luxuries. His parental obligations, and what were supposed to be everyday expenses, seemed just out of reach. It was difficult, painfully difficult.

Fast-forward a few years to April 2015, and Tim has just completed a six figure sale of a website. Today, Tim spends his ‘work’ days at Starbucks, listening to his favourite songs and fuelled by a hot steaming cup of Joe. All this and the very feasible goal of breaching the seven figure website barrier and gaining millionaire status. It’s okay – we’re green with envy too.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the lessons to be learnt on how to complete a successful 180° turnaround from a dead-end job to successful entrepreneur.

Find your niche

In 2008, Tim set up a local design business called The Designary. It exposed him to various web and print design projects. During the growth of his venture he gained experience in developing WordPress sites for his clients and sharpened his abilities in html coding.

Once, you are aware of your passion and have a defined path to follow then growth is well within your reach. Take the plunge but make sure you know where you plan to land.

Learn by doing

After completing his studies at Columbia College in 2007 with a Bachelors Degree in Interactive Multimedia, Tim realised he hadn’t amassed the necessary job skills to qualify him for the work he wanted to do, web design. Instead of looking for less challenging work, he equipped himself with the full range of practical skill by gaining access to the relevant tools. He obtained software packages like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and developed a basic understanding by using online tutorials. Tim recognised the need for practical skill – if you haven’t acquired them, go out and learn them. He did – and it paid off.

Build your credibility

It is important to keep a record of your growth, not only for you but for any potential clients who come your way. A large part of internet marketing is analytics and reporting. It will help you keep track of what is working and what isn’t. An additional benefit of a traceable record is that it allows you to showcase your progress and enhance your credibility going forward. Even today, if you visit Tim’s website you will be privy to his earnings.


Success is a process. Tim didn’t achieve his success over night; he persevered. Before going it alone, he built websites on the side until eventually his earnings started to surpass his salary. His chosen venture was to build a coupon site, and while it made a few extra dollars from day to day, his real breakthrough came though months later after putting in the necessary time and effort.

As Tim has eloquently pointed out, successful entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a wide array of abilities. The one thing they all have in common is an unwavering commitment to their passion.

Tim documents his journey and shares the tools of his trade on his website, Get Niche Quick. It is worth paying the site a visit.

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