Work & Co 1st Birthday Bash

Cheers to our first journey around the sun!

On 31 March, Work & Co celebrated its first year of coworking space collaboration! It’s been a tremendous year of growth for the space and all the companies in it. Thank you to every Work & Co member and supporter for making great things possible. We also want to especially thank those of you that trusted in us from the start, before we knew what this community would grow into! Thank you to the growing team at Work & Co for working hard to make the vision of Work & Co possible.

Many of us didn’t know each other at all,  and today we see meaningful relationships that nurture the space. We celebrate all of you and we want to invite you to keep on giving us feedback to make it even better in the next year.

Below is the highlight reel of the birthday evening and after that some things we learnt from our first year at Work & Co:


The things that Work & Co learnt this year:


  • An involved, committed and engaged community is everything
  • It doesn’t help to be afraid of failure. Try and try again!
  • You need to be able to roll with the punches and adapt
  • Understand the big picture, but be dedicated to the details
  • Passion is contagious
  • We can all learn from each other
  • You need to get outside your comfort zone to grow


As a closing thought, we would like to encourage you to always engage with the community & space around you. Everything is here to help you and your business succeed, it only takes small steps of getting to know the people around you! 

P.S. You can meet the people Friday Afternoons at #Winetime 🙂

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