Work & Co Christmas Party 2016

Dear Work & Co Members, 2016 was great, but welcome to an even better 2017!

Looking back, I can only say – What a year! In 2016, we all made a big decision. We moved to our new offices, and for any business, this is not an easy decision.

So, well done to everyone and thank you for joining the Work & Co community.

2017 is the year to build on the momentum that you created in 2016 and enjoy the fruits of that decision. Let’s take advantage of the collaboration, energy, growth and friendship we all share at Work & Co.

Last but not least, to thank you all for being part of Work & Co, we would like to share our Christmas Party video with you. Enjoy it and feel free to share it with a friend! Below the video is a short write up of the event if you don’t have time to watch it right now.

On the 1st of December, many eager Work & Co members were hauled to the harbour in busses. It was finally time for the first annual Work & Co Christmas Party!

Within minutes of the quick drive, the buses were full of exciting chatter. Upon arrival, everyone had a couple of moments to appreciate the scenic Cape Town Harbour. The yacht was receiving some last-minute beauty treatments and within a couple of minutes, we were welcomed onto the yacht with glasses of champagne. A couple of ‘clincks’ and ‘cheers’ moments later – the party was under way!

With wind, laughter and drinks ruffling everyone’s feathers a bit, the journey to Camps Bay was under way. To the one side was the deep blue Atlantic ocean, interrupted only by a busy film set and boats floating around. On the other, the majestic mountain range of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, and Devil’s Peak all in sight!

The wind got a bit rowdy and we made a small detour back to a little bay where we could appreciate the V & A Waterfront with the Cape Town stadium looming in the distance.

We soon saw some in the water, others lounging around on the yacht with a beer, bubbly and snacks in hand. There were even some members already brave enough for a groovy dance on the swaying deck! It was early in the day, but not too early for heaps of fun.

Before we knew it, just before the sunset was settling in, we were heading back and our cruise was over.

It was a blink of an eye later – or maybe some had a little power nap on the bus for the evening ahead? – and we stepped out onto the coolest rooftop party anyone in Bree street had ever seen.

The early evening sun was dancing on the building windows around us. The decor was simple, yet splendidly complemented the vibe. To the one side, you could help yourself to a delicious shawarma, and to the other, mouthwatering artisan ice cream. To grease the wheels of the members, you could find great wines and beers. Including Julien’s much appreciated Rosalie Rosé!

Between all these guilty pleasures, a DJ was pumping out music on a trusty vinyl record player. It wasn’t too long after that and members were dancing on the rooftop!

To help everyone capture memories, a photo booth was ready to print our Instagram photos tagged with #wandcoparty2016.

The sun set with a golden glow and gave way to a golden evening with city lights all around. Conversations and new friendships were forming all around, people were dancing in the moonlight – literally – and doing many a ‘cheers’ to a year well spent at Work & Co. We were, and are still, grateful to see how everyone was enjoying themselves.

We’d like to thank every Work & Co member that helped make this time possible. Celebrations like these are important milestones for us as a Community, striving for Collaboration & Commitment in our work.

We are happy to share meaningful work with every one of you! We trust that in 2017, you will inspire, connect & achieve more than ever before.

© Work & Co. 2020.